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About Us
Qct.2001       Established, with the name is Wuxi jingrui mould technology co.,ltd
Aug.2003       To become a qualified supplier of Philips
April.2004    Renamed wuxi general mould technology Co.,Ltd
Feb.2005    Joined the Wuxi die & Mould Industry Association and served as Council members
April.2005    To become a qualified supplier of Panasonic Corp
June.2005    As a Membership of China die & Mould Industry Association
Nov.2007     received certification of Jiangsu New & Hi-tech enterprises
July.2008     Obtained ISO9001:2008 Certification
Aug.2009     To become a qualified supplier of China Guodian Corporation
March.2010     Established Beijing Office
Oct.2011      To become a qualified supplier of Samsung Group Ltd.
Sep.2013      The establishment of automation department
April.2014     The first production of automation equipment obtain the certified of APPLE and mass production
May.2014      Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification
July.2014     Zhejiang branch opened